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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 22, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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hopefully it will work for a long time. john? >> reporter: unrelated, mr. report, tell us more about the meeting with rod rosenstein and christopher wray yesterday? >> president trump: a routine meeting. as you know, the congress would like to see documents opened up. a lot of people are saying they had spies in my campaign. if they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace to this country. that would be one of the biggest insults that anyone has ever seen. it would be very illegal aside from everything else. it would make probably every political event ever look like small potatoes so we want to make sure there weren't. i hope there weren't frankly. but some man got paid based on what i read in the newspapers. and on what you reported, some person got paid a lot of money. that is not a normal situation, the kind of money you are talking about. so hopefully that would be -- and i think the department of justice wants to get down to it and congress does so hopefully they will all be able to get together.
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general kelly will set up a meeting between congress and the various representatives and they will be able to open up documents, take a look and find out what happened. if they had spies in my campaign, during my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented in the history of our country. yes? >> can you give us an update on trade talks with china? is there a deal about zte and what specifically have you agreed with? >> president trump: no. president xi and i have a great relationship as president moon can attest. there is no deal. we will see what happens. we are discussing deals. we are discussing various deals. we can do a 301. we can do where we don't need china and say this is what we want and this is what we think is fair. that is always a possibility if a negotiated deal doesn't work out. as i said, we lost $500 billion a year for many years. and then it varied from $100
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billion to $400 billion. when you are losing $500 billion a year, you can't lose in terms of a negotiation. it's really easy to win. but i want this to be a great deal for the united states. i want it to be a good deal for china, too, if that is possible. i may not be possible. as far as zte is concerned the president asked me to look into it and i am doing that. for the ones saying oh, gee, maybe trump is getting a little bit easy, zte, we closed it. it wasn't another administration, it was this administration that closed it. it's a phone company for those that don't know, a large phone company. but also a phone company that buys a large portion of its parts that make up these phones that are sold all over the world from american companies. so when you do that, you are really hurting american companies also. so i'm looking at it. we were the ones that closed it.
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it wasn't done by the previous administrations. it was done by us. so we'll see what happens. as a favor to the president, i am absolutely taking a look at it. a lot of the stories on trade were incorrectly written. i'm not saying that is the reporter's fault. i'm saying i'm not talking about the trade deal. i don't like to talk about deals until they're done so we'll see what happens. but i will say that deal could be much different from the deal that finally emerges. it may be a much better deal for united states, too. >> reporter: do you have confidence in rod rosenstein? >> president trump: what is your next question, please. excuse me. i have the president of south korea here. he doesn't want to hear these questions, if you don't mind. >> reporter: president trump, i'm a reporter from south korea. how much confidence and trust do you have in playing the mediator role with the north korea issue? >> president trump: i have great confidence in your
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president. i think that he has brought a different perspective to the talks with north korea. he wants to be able to make a deal. you have had some very hard line administrations. and you have president moon and you've had others before president moon who also had more or less this attitude. i think he is a very capable person. i think he is an extremely competent man. i think he is a very good person and i think he wants to have what is good for the korean peninsula. not just north or south. for the entire korean peninsula. i have tremendous confidence in president moon. and i think that his way, the way he is really is helping us to potentially make a deal. whether the deal gets made or not, who knows? it's a deal. who knows? you never know about deals. you go into deals that are 100% certain, it doesn't happen. you go into deals that have no chance and it happens.
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sometimes happens easily. i've made a lot of deals. i know deals better than anybody knows deals. you never really know. that's why i said to you. there is a good man and he is a capable man. i think south korea is very lucky to have him. do you want to interpret that for him so he can hear? he is not hearing what we're doing here. go ahead. wait, we'll let that be interpreted. he probably knows better than we do. [translating to korean]
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[translating to korean] >> president trump: did i do a good job? i can't do better than that. that is called an a-plus rating, right? i can't do better than that. okay, we'll take a couple of more. go ahead. >> reporter: for a meeting -- >> president trump: i'd rather not say. there is a chance it will work out. there is a substantial chance it won't work out. i don't want to waste a lot of
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time. i'm sure he doesn't want to waste a lot of time. there is a substantial chance it won't work out. that's okay. it doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time. but it may not work out for june 12. there is a good chance that we will have the meeting. >> reporter: could i ask you and president moon the question. in terms of denuclearization, should it be an all-in-one or could it be incremental with incentives along the way for kim jong un to denuclearize? >> president trump: all-in-one would be nice. does it have to be? i don't want to totally commit myself but all-in-one would be a lot better. >> reporter: [speaking korean]
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>> harris: for at -- >> president trump: for physical reasons over a short period of time. there are physical reasons that it may not do exactly that. so for the physical reasons over a short period of time. essentially that would be all-in-one. [translating to korean] >> reporter: i am from south korea. if north korea and kim jong un decide this, will you protect the safety of north korea >> president trump: i will guarantee his safety. yes. i will guarantee his safety. we talked about that from the beginning. he will be safe. he will be happy. his country will be rich. his country will be hardworking and very prosperous. they are very great people. they are hard-working, great
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people. look at what happened with south korea. don't forget, we helped south korea. we have spent trillions of dollars -- not billions. trillions of dollars over many, many years. we helped south korea. and south korea is one of the most incredible countries in terms of what they do. you know that. that is where you are. that is where you are from. same people. same people. so, yeah, i think that he will be extremely happy if something works out. and if it doesn't work out, honestly he can't be happy. but he has a chance to do something that maybe has never been done before. i think it would be, if you look 25 years into the future, 50 years into the future, he will be able to look back and be very proud of what he did for north korea. and actually for the world. but he will be very proud of what he did for north korea.
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>> reporter: mr. president, what do you want to ask president moon about his own summit? [speaking korean]
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[speaking korean] >> president trump: just to finish that, because it's a very important question. south korea, china, and japan, and i have spoken to all three. one i happen to have right here. they will be willing to help and i believe invest very, very large sums of money into helping to make north korea great. [translating to korean] >> reporter: what do you
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want to hear from president moon about his own summit with kim jong un? what can he tell you about he is preparing for the meeting with singapore? >> president trump: that is what we are here for. he is going to tell me, he has had his own meetings he has had and we'll discuss that. he may have a meeting coming up and he may not. the word is he may not. it may be directly with us. it may go directly to us in singapore or maybe it a later date. that is one of the reasons he is here to talk about that. >> reporter: anything to ask him specifically? >> president trump: nothing. we speak a lot on the phone. this should not be that long a meeting, actually. >> reporter: president moon has a meeting with -- >> president trump: he may or may not. right now he doesn't know whether or not he has a meeting. but he may or may not have a meeting with kim jong un. [speaking korean]
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>> president trump: okay. >> reporter: mr. president, are you pleased with how the trade talks with china went? >> president trump: no, not really. i think they're a start. but we need something. look, china has been -- i really call it a dereliction of duties. if you look at it. in the military they say it's a dereliction of duty. what happened to our country that our representatives allowed other countries -- i'm not just talking about china. china is the big one -- to take advantage of us on trade. the way we have been taken advantage of. so china as an example has made a fortune. i mean, a transfer of wealth
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like nobody has ever seen in history. they had the big one. they are almost all bad but china is the big one. so i'm not satisfied but we will see what happens. we have a long way to go. but i want it to go fairly quickly. you talk about numbers like that. you are talking about billions of dollars a week. okay? so when they say oh, let's meet in a couple of weeks. that's $2 billion. right? i view it that way. we are talking about billions of dollars a week that we suffer. we lose. and so we are looking to go quickly. i will say i'm a little disappointed because when kim jong un had the meeting with president xi in china, the second meeting. the first meeting we knew about. the second meeting, i think there was a little change in attitude from kim jong un. so i don't like that. i don't like that. i don't like it from the standpoint of china. now i hope that is not true. i have a great relationship with president xi. he is a friend of mine.
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he likes me, i like him. i mean that was two of the great days of my life being in china. i don't think anybody has ever been treated better in china, ever in their history. many of you were there. it was an incredible thing to witness and see. we built a very good relationship. we speak a lot. there was a difference when kim jong un left china the second time. i think they were dedicating an aircraft carrier that the united states paid for, okay? we paid for a lot that was built in china. >> reporter: do you think it may have discouraged -- >> president trump: no. but president xi is a world class poker player. and i'd probably maybe do the same thing that he would do. but i will say this. there was a somewhat different attitude after that meeting. and i'm a little surprised. now maybe nothing happened. i'm not blaming anybody.
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but maybe nothing happened and maybe it did. there was a different attitude by the north korean folks after that meeting. so, i don't think it was a great meeting. nobody knew about the meeting. and all of a sudden it was reported that he was in china a second time. the first time everybody knew about. the second time was like a surprise. and i think things changed after that meeting. so i can't say that i'm happy about it. >> reporter: mr. president, what -- >> president trump: let them speak. [speaking korean]
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[speaking korean] >> president trump: president moon may have a different opinion. i would like to have your opinion on that, what you thought of the second meeting with president xy. -- president xi. what is your feeling? you may have a feeling.
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[translating to korean] >> president trump: i don't want to get him in trouble. he lives right next to china. he's not too far away. [speaking korean] >> translator: first of all, i'm aware there are many skeptical views in the united states about whether the upcoming u.s.-north korea summit will truly be successful and whether the complete denuclearization of
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north korea will be realized. [speaking korean] >> translator: but i don't think there will be positive limits in history if we just assume that because it all failed in the past it will fail again. [speaking korean] >> translator: there have been many agreements between the united states and north korea previously but this will be the first time that there will be an agreement between the leaders. and the person in charge is president trump. president trump has been able to achieve this dramatic and
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positive change that you see right now. [speaking korean] >> translator: and i have ever confidence that president trump will be able to achieve historic feat of making the upcoming u.s.-north korean summit successful and end the korean war that has been lasting for the past 65 years.
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also along the way achieve complete denuclearization of north korea, establish a permanent peace regime on the peninsula and also normalize relations between the united states and north korea. i have every confidence that he will be able to make a historic turn-around in this sense and i will spare no effort to provide all necessary support. [speaking korean] >> translator: i believe all of this will lead to a great thing that it will guarantee the security of the north korean regime and also i promise peace and prosperity for north korea as well. >> reporter: mr. president, is president xi committed to peace? >> president trump: i would
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like to think so. i hope so. we're dealing mostly on trade. when i'm dealing with trade, i have many other things in mind also. any time i talk to china about trade i'm thinking about the border because that border is a very important element in what we are doing. it has been cut off largely but it's been opened up a little bit lately. i don't like that. i don't like that. so, we have a very powerful hand on trade. and when i think about trade -- i read you folks and you say why does he -- there is a much bigger picture i have in mind. trade has always been a very important element in my life talking about other countries ripping off the united states. i've been watching them do it for 35 years. i've been watching them do that for so many years. nothing has changed other than over the last 15, 20 years it's gotten worse. it's not just china. but when i think of trade with china i'm also thinking about what they are doing to help us with peace with north korea.
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that is a very important element. so we'll see how it all works out. in the end, it will work out. i can't tell you exactly how or why. but it always does. it is going to work out. okay? thank you, all. john, one more. go ahead. >> reporter: what is your vision for the long game with north korea? two koreans coof existing or a reunification? >> president trump: you will start off with two koreas and it will be largely up to them whether or not they get together. that border was artificially imposed many, many years ago. and imposed to a certain extent and to a large extent by us. it's an artificial border but a border that nevertheless took seed and that is what you have. i would say that we are looking certainly right now at two koreas, two successful koreas. you will have a very, very successful north korea and a very, very successful south
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korea. you already do. south korea was in bad shape before they started the experience. now you look at samsung and the l.g. and the ships they are building. i was over there and i flew over plants that are incredible. what they have done is incredible. i see two koreas and ultimately maybe some day in future -- it wouldn't be now but some day in the future maybe they will get together and you go back to one korea. that would be okay with me, too, as long as they both wanted that. okay? thank you all very much. thank you. >> reporter: you mentioned you were looking into zte. how do you anticipate that ending up? >> president trump: again, zte buys a tremendous amount of equipment and parts for the telephones. they are the fourth largest in
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the world. they buy them from american companies. so immediately when i looked at it, it was my administration that closed them down. when i looked at it, i said you know, they can pay a big price without necessarily damaging all of these american companies, which they are because you are talking about tremendous amount of money and jobs to american companies so i envision a very large fine. i envision perhaps new management, new board of directors, for tight security rules. but we caught them doing bad things. we caught them. not anybody else. we caught them doing bad things. we essentially made it so difficult that it was shut down. by shutting them down we are hurting a lot of american companies. really good american companies. i will tell you don't think that we didn't hear from them by shutting down this massive phone company. so what i envision is a very
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large fine of more than $1 billion. it could be $1.3 billion. i envision new management, a new board and very, very strict security rules. and i also envision that they will have to buy a big percentage of their parts and equipment from american companies. okay? thank you all very much. thank you. >> harris: the president touching on a whole host of issues. most of the conversation on the plan summit for june with north korea. both president trump and the leader of north korea. but sitting there with him is the president of south korea. that meeting went north of 30 minutes and they did touch on a number of things. will the summit happen is one of the issues that came up? the president said maybe it will be in june and maybe it won't but they are working out things. bring in the pool reporter today and network with fox news and the man you heard asking questions there in the
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end was our chief white house correspondent john roberts. in the oval office, at the time of the meeting, joining us now live from the north lawn. john, i just want to pause for a second and have you talk about the high stakes history-making meeting that the men just had. >> john: sure. yeah. i will tell you. we were in there for so long i asked him more questions than i have since i did a one-on-one interview with him in trump tower in april of 2016. that did go on, i want to point out, for a while longer. it was a question from a korean reporter, the question itself was in korean. the answer was in korean. not translated. so you didn't miss anything by bailing out of it. but yeah, i mean definitely what we saw here was -- i mean it was interesting from the standpoint that the president was very open, very forthcoming about where things stand with the summit with north korea and what he is looking for. i asked him whether he
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envisioned denuclearization happening sort of all in one big move as it did with libya where they boxed up the nuclear program and put it on the u.s. transport planes and they shipped it to oakridge, tennessee, to be stored at the nuclear facility there. or if as south korea suggested it would happen for piecemeal that kim jong un would take this step and be rewarded with this and then slowly go down the line. the president said he'd like to see it all in one but didn't rule out incremental. i thought it was interesting he put a caveat on whether or not it will take place on june 12. the president saying there is a very real possibility that it may not happen june 12. it may happen at some later date. also saying that moon may have another meeting with kim before that date. we don't know. i asked the president on the way out, because he said to me last week when we did something similar, he said it was a coin flip whether or not it would happen. i asked him if it was still a
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coin flip or looking better, but he said still a coin flip. >> harris: 50/50. >> john: that's what he said. 50/50. >> harris: but it's reported that south korean puts it north of that going into this meeting at least. that is significant because journalists from the united states and china -- not south korea because they were not allowed to go into north korea -- have begun arriving and they are supposed to be witnessing some dismantling of nukes in terms of the power, the energy there in north korea. so it's curious to me that south korea would be so optimistic. i want to though tick down some highlights here. at one point, john, the president said, "they are hardworking, great people" talking about north koreans. he spoke about them. i question and only you would know this because you were in the room was it directly to the north koreans, is this strategy? what is your feeling? >> john: this started when we were in seoul, south korea, last november.
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he chose the opportunity to the parliament to speak directly to north korea in which he talked about the south korean miracle and how the economy there is booming and they have become a major global economic power. the president saying that same sort of future can be had for north korea if they simply choose a different path. so what you saw the president saying again today was north korea can have a different future than the one it's in now, saying again he will give guarantees to kim. president moon saying they will give guarantees to kim. and president trump saying he knows south korea and china will infuse massive amounts of cash in north korea to get the economy going to turn it on to a different path. so he really is holding out not just an olive branch here in terms of peace to north korea but a golden olive branch to say hey, the world can be your oyster if only you give up your nuclear program. that is the big difference, too, between libya and north korea that the president
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articulated last week. libya gave up its program for nebulous economic promises but no security guarantees. he is guaranteeing economic and national security. >> harris: all right. let me step in there because i want to press in with what you are saying. let's not lose the fact this is the country that takes the lives of its own citizens and tortures and does so much. what the president as i understand it, john, he is saying i guarantee your security. i think he means personally, too, for kim jong un. >> john: absolutely. that is what he is talking about. he talks about guaranteeing his security and guaranteeing political security. he is talking about we are not going to try to overthrow you, we are not going to try to get you out of power. >> harris: which gets him killed potentially. we know how they roll. >> john: we know how that happens in other areas of the world. i also asked the president specifically what his long-term vision was here for north and south korea. did he envision two koreas
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existing, coexisting peacefully. >> harris: great question. >> john: or did he envision eventual reunification. he said initially two koreas but what they do from there is up to them. if they choose one korea, he would love to see that but he said it has to be their decision. you know, kim jong un, the whole kim family wanted to talk about reunification but under north korean style of government, not south korean style. if it were a south korean style, then that creates all sorts of problems for china as well. i thought the president was astute diplomatically in the way he put that. which shows i think he is paying attention to what his advisers are telling him. >> harris: based on your reporting, because you have talked the the president about this before, doesn't it ind date the -- indicate that the ball is moving? reunification is something you just said. yeah, kim jong un has wanted that under his vision. the president now moved the ball forward.
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yeah, we may see two -- i quote him -- "two successful koreas." that is very different than pulling them together and maybe not everybody being happy or keeping them separate. he is talking about financial success for both. >> john: right. he wants to build that financial success in north korea before anything else happens. i was very clear about that. that is going to take some time. it would be measured at least in terms of years if not decades. how long did it take for east germany to get fully integrated with west germany after the fall of the berlin wall? a long time. now you are not talking about something in the heart of europe. you are talking here about east asia and all of the problems that that presents as well and the time of hermit kingdom that has been run there for so many decades. i will take probably, it would be measured in terms of decades before they start talking about reunification. >> harris: quickly before i know i have to let you go. zte, the phone corporation, the president asked about that period the end. he had some tough words.
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he was talking about $1 billion fine. i didn't miss it. i'm sure people didn't. he said america discovered what was going on with that country. i just want your last reporting on that. >> john: the president clearly wants to keep zte alive. that is clearly throwing a bone to xi jinping. xi jinping took a look at this. one of china major telecom companies and exports smart phones and other things. i have one of the little mobile hot spots that is made by zte. >> harris: you are cool like that. >> john: everything i run through it becomes public anyway so it doesn't matter if they are listening in. but the president was very clear in the face of criticism that he is shirking american jobs in favor of chinese jobs, he wants a big fine and a lot of changes at zte including changing out the management, changing out the board, security guarantees. that would be cyber espionage and a guarantee they will buy percentage of the equipment that goes into making the product from the united
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states. he is trying to get the best deal possible but a lot of criticism about him embracing the idea of saving zte after what they did. >> harris: all right. you opened up your reporters' noteback because you were in the room there with the president for the 35-minute period in the oval office. great to get your insight, your reporting, john roberts. thank you very much. >> john: thanks, harris. >> bring in tom rogan who covers foreign poll sicks and politics for "washington examiner" -- politics for "washington examiner." tom, this was so information that the president made news with now. "washington examiner," what is the immediate headline that you print? >> i think the immediate headline is "summit may be off" and the president clearly saying there that it may be delayed. suggesting it may be canceled in its entirety, i think behind the scenes. but frankly, i think the president holding -- you see the sense of confidence that he knows it will define his administration, ultimately
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what happens with north korea. he seems in command. broadcasting that confidence is positive. that will be read in beijing and pyongyang as okay, perhaps we can't play president trump here. but the critical factor here for the president is not that if the north koreans continue to sort of vary whether they will go to singapore june 12, he will probably cancel that. his advisers will say you can't let them seize the narrative. look, you have a choice for a great deal. he made references to a wealthy future north korea. or you can have the bad deal. >> harris: the president promised the american people there won't be a bad deal. in his estimation what happened with iran will never happen with north korea under his watch as he pushes forward with all of this. his words moving along to the summit. but what is interesting, too, this seems, tom, to fit both the trump doctrine if you will with the foreign policy, america first. but it also speaks to exactly
10:37 am
what we have also accomplished so far. he mentioned the americans who have come home and how they are with their families now. the prisoners, the hostages. we didn't get just nothing talking. we got something. >> no, and that's true but there is a condition to that which is that as we speak -- >> harris: they're home. >> they're home. yeah. but at the same time north korea is perfecting its warhead vehicle, the reentry shielding, the stuff that would allow them to threaten us with icbm, as we talk. so the critical factor from president trump -- he knows that from the intelligence briefing -- to get a deal done as quickly as possible or realize that north korea isn't being serious about this and to reinstigate the maximum pressure strategy. both on pyongyang and beijing. i thought that was noticeable behind the scenes there. as much as president trump hedges in a language of trade, i think he clearly suggested to president xi of china i'm disappointed with you about
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what is happening with north korea. if you want to play hard ball with this i'm happy to play hard ball. so there are a lot of working parts as you suggest there, harris. i suppose we will just have to see what happens in the coming days. >> harris: all right. that was really interesting what you just said because north korea is looking at a situation, it hasn't been this close in 13 years to talking to anybody really at the top upper echelons of our leadership and more broadly around the world. so, the time is ticking down for them. and if they are moving forward what you are talking about in terms of weaponry it tightens our timeline, too. and the president said it can go one way or the other. everything is on the table, including military. tom rogan, thank you very much, from the "washington examiner." appreciate you breaking down the breaking news with me. >> thank you, harris. >> president trump: if they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace to this country. that would be one of the biggest insults that anyone has ever seen.
10:39 am
i would be illegal aside from everything else. it would make every political event ever look like small potatoes. so we want to make sure that there weren't. if they had spies in my campaign, during my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented in the history of our country. >> harris: so, all right, again, the president making news commenting on allegations that the f.b.i. inappropriately spied on his presidential campaign. this is just one day after he struck a deal with the justice department officials in a meeting at the white house. they reiterated that the agency's inspector general will expand that investigation to look into this matter and agreed to allow some members of congress to view "highly classified information" they have been asking relating to the claims about this. senate minority leader chuck schumer slammed president trump over this issue. watch. >> that he would issue such an absurd and abusive demand based on no evidence shows just how little regard the president has for the rule of
10:40 am
law. president trump seems to have the terribly misguided view that the department of justice is there to protect his political interests and prosecute his enemies. >> harris: congressman jody hice, member of the house oversight committee, great to have you as the news is breaking now. first of all, does this diffuse the situation, congressman, having the d.o.j., having the deal in place to say they will look into whether someone infiltrated the trump campaign? >> it's a step in the right direction, harris. we have to get to the bottom of this. just to think of the possibility of the president government spying on private zins and infiltrating the trump campaign is infuriating. it's as far away from what america is supposed to be as one can imagine. so that is certainly a step in the right direction. we are now calling for a second special counsel to take this even further and get to the bottom of it.
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>> harris: why a second special counsel? >> because we haven't gotten answers. i mean truth and justice, transparency, these are pillars of our american government. they are not even partisan issues. they are who we are as a nation. the rule of law is our backbone. and when you have individuals high up in the f.b.i. and the department of justice either ignoring the law or creating one of their own, we, then, as members of congress are accountable to hold them to the standard of law. and we've not been able to get to that point yet so a special counsel now i believe is necessary in order to get to the bottom of what has been going on. >> harris: the attorney general jeff sessions, same political party, maybe that shouldn't be matter but you would think some of the conversations would go on privately. as he let you down? is he out for the count now? why can't you look to him? >> well, you know, i think he made a huge mistake when he recused himself. and in fairness, hindsight is
10:42 am
always better, always 20/20 when you look back. but what this whole mueller investigation has turned into is a disgration. -- is a disgrace. when you look at the light of it all the seemingly multiple misdoings and perhaps criminal behavior from the hillary e-mail scandals using and transferring classified information to the false dossier paid for by both the clintons and the d.n.c. to the tarmac conversation, to spying on american citizens. i mean this thing goes deep. and it is something that the american people cannot stand about washington. the deep state. this is what we've got to get to. >> harris: the president making news just moments ago when the so-called campaign spy, the intrill tater was brought up. if they have spies in my
10:43 am
campaign, that would be a disgrace. i hope there weren't. the president said it would be illegal and unprecedented. you say what? >> i agree with the president. how can we possibly -- you have the power of the government going against an individual and every appearance is here, harris, we had people in the department of justice and the f.b.i. that did everything they could to make sure hillary clinton was not going to be indicted. and at the same time, doing everything they could to make sure that donald trump would not be the president. even to the extense of possibly infiltrating the campaign. this is unthinkable. it's something the we have absolutely got to get to the bottom of. and where heads need to roll. they knead to -- they need to roll but the rule of law without any preferential treatment needs to be the high standard we maintain. >> harris: when democrats push against and say you can't basically unmask that informant -- to use that word. you can't disclose that. what do you say?
10:44 am
now we are getting reports that there may have been more than one person infiltrate. >> right. we are hearing the same thing, there may have been more than one. it will begin with hopefully we'll get a special counsel and the leadership will have resolution to go forward on the house floor. but i would anticipate that at least we are going to see some within the intel community begin to get some of this information. and hopefully it will go from there. but the american people deserve to know the truth of this. this is a potential scandal of gigantic proportions. perhaps bigger than our nation's history. or certainly any of our lifetimes and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> harris: congressman, before i let you go, i want to press in on the idea of a second special counsel. there is a long list of things you are hoping he will look into. i'm thinking there has to be a priority. this person can't be a superhero. what we have seen with robert mueller is they sure can go broad and wide. where do you want the person
10:45 am
potentially to focus? >> listen, i agree with you. i'm not a huge fan of special counsels. they do tend to go broad and wide. but we have had one now that demonstrated, just what you said, so it's time we investigate the investigator so to speak. it's time -- look, hillary clinton was let off the hook. a tarmac conversation that takes place right before she is let off the hook. totally going unnoticed. there is just one thing after another, spying on the american citizens. we have got one issue after another that ought to be chilling. i think the only way at this point we can get to it is with a second special counsel. >> harris: for anybody who is tuning in and forgot about the tarmac meeting it was between the former a.g. and the former president of the united states whose wife was being looked at at that time. >> and questions, harris, even with the obama, himself. i mean we have some e-mails where the potus, president
10:46 am
obama at that time, wanted to know everything that was going on. what does "everything" mean? that is a huge term. >> harris: that is interesting. >> we have to get to the bottom of this. >> harris: all right. representative jody hice of the great state of georgia, where i was born. great to see you today. thank you for being along for breaking news. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> harris: president trump making big news on the ongoing talks with north korea. we have talked about it since he wrapped up a short time ago saying his proposed meeting with kim jong un may be delayed. what that means for hopes to denuclearize the korean peninsula. our expert panel is next. stay close. it's absolute confidence in 30,000 precision parts. or it isn't. it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians. or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm "the daily dana perino. on "the daily briefing." we will cover all the angles from china involvement to trump's view of the possible summit with kim jong un. plus, the republicans and the democrats on the same page when it comes to fixing the prison system. as the house prepares to vote, the congressman who introduced a new bill joins me live and could legalize sports gambling be a game changer? what it could mean for fans and leagues at the top of the hour. >> president trump: we are working on something. there is a chance it will work out. there is a substantial chance
10:51 am
it won't work out. i don't want to waste a lot of time and he doesn't want to waste time. there is a substantial chance it won't work out. that's okay. it doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time. but it may not work out for june 12. there is a good chance we'll have the meeting. too president trump, deal-make -- >> harris: president trump, deal-maker and chief. at the summit with the north korean leader kim jong un. will it happen? maybe. maybe it will be delayed past the scheduled june 12 date or maybe it won't happen at all. let's bring in power panel now, national political reporter for "real clear politics" caitlin huey-burns. c.e.o. and founder of run for america david burstein. great to see you both. as we look at the situation; the president is keeping his promise of he is going to try to make it work. but he always said if the deal isn't good for this country, he doesn't sit down and he backs away. >> right. he has said that consistently. it was pretty jarring to hear after they have agreed to the date and time and place to say
10:52 am
well, it may not happen after all. >> harris: we weren't the first people to say that. kim jong un was. he waited until the information was put in. maybe that helps him propaganda wise. i won't -- don't know. >> are they trying to exert leverage over one another? the thing about the president, president trump wants this to happen and he is motivated in large part by being able to do something his predecessors weren't able to do. he talked about that a lot. everybody involved in this knows that. so i think there is a lot of incentive for this president to reach a deal. but having said that, today saying it may not happen raises all sorts of questions about what is coming next and what could happen tomorrow. >> harris: to reach a good deal. not just a deal. he said they he is not -- he said he is not going to do what they did with iran. democrats have come around on the polling on the hill to look at this as something not
10:53 am
not ten -- potentially really change the world. former president jimmy carter said maybe the nobel peace prize if it happens. >> if it happens. to be clear -- >> harris: the difference is when democrats did this with madeleine albright we didn't get the play-by-play. we didn't know the history because we didn't have transparency. >> studying the history, this is the closest we have come. calculation that two people could at this moment be perfect for each other in the leaders because they is the characteristics of unpredictability. if it does happen and if we do get a deal it's hard for me to see how you could not give people who constructed such a deal the highest honor that we give for these type things. this is one of the most important global geopolitical strategics risk and threat. it >> harris: talk to me about politics at home then. if the democrats come out and
10:54 am
speak about this -- and republicans have had their cautionary words for the president, too. but is there a healing that can go on? is this big enough to heal the fissure in the united states, too? >> i don't know that it is big enough to heal all the fissures. but if we come to a deal and it needs to be ratified from the senate and even if it doesn't have to be ratified we can come together. this is an example that is good for the country and the world. if this president can achieve it, great. the democrats should not cast aspergeses on that because they don't like -- aspersions because they don't like him. the president said after the second meeting between the chinese president xi and kim jong un he said we saw a difference in north korea. "i don't like that." >> right. well the president has been trying to make strides in terms of his relationship with the chinese president to not only for trade but in order to
10:55 am
kind of have a coalition of the support as it pertains to north korea. remember, last week, too, that the controversy over this sanctions on zte, or the removal of the sanctions. talking about that really -- >> harris: on the big phone company, which she talked about at -- which she talked about at the end to say we will leverage billion dollars of fines on the company. >> so a lot of players are involved here. that relationship is something we have been watching throughout the course of the trump administration on those two fronts. what i'm interested to see in terms of this meeting whether it happens or not, how does the president shift his tone and approach? he came in to this whole thing with a little rocket man and really poking at north korea. there was a lot of talk that that was a different strategy that brought these conversations to where they are now. if the meeting, you know, doesn't end up happening does the president return to the approach or do something different? >> harris: quick thought,
10:56 am
david? >> i think the president doesn't, he has to do something. he can't just walk away from the table on it. >> harris: but he says even if it doesn't happen now he is a deal-maker, he knows it may not happen on a monday but things can change by thursday. >> of course that is true but it seems to me this deal was moving with some momentum. if it is going to happen this is where it will really happen. >> harris: thank you. it's been a full, busy hour. we are awaiting the white house press briefing now. we'll be right back. the best simple dishes ever?
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>> harris: a busy hour with the president speaking from the oval office today with the president of south korea. a lot of news made. we will continue to cover it here right on fox news channel, fnc for the cool kids. >> dana: fox news alert. we have a better idea about president trump's view on north korea after he and south korea's president addressed the white house press for 40 minutes in the oval office. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing". the two leaders discussing the planned june 12 summit between trump and north korean leader, kim jong un. the president saying it would be in the north korean's interest to come to the table and also suggesting that the meeting could be delayed. >> president trump: i have strong opinions that north korea has a chance to be a great company and it can't be a great country under the circumstances they are living now. but north korea has a chance to be a great


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